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This is the section about the charcters in Gauntlet Legends. There are 4 different characters, the Archer, the Warrior, the Valkyrie and the Wizard. I will talk about their stats, best attributes, Super moves, Levels and more. Also I will tell you each character's secret animal alter ego.


The Wizard lives in the Desert Realm. His weapon is a Staff. He is very powerful at magic because his best attribute is Magic. His weakness is strength. The boss of his realm is the Djinn.

Wizard's arcade starting stats:

Attribute: Starting Stats
Strength: 200
Speed: 400
Armour: 100
Magic: 600
Total: 1300

Wizard's console starting stats:

Attribute: Starting Stats
Strength: 80
Speed: 120
Armour: 90
Magic: 160
Total: 450

Attributes increase by 5 points every level you gain in experience, you also can pay 800 gold at the shop to increase your attributes by 5 points.

Wizard's level progression:

Level: Title / Receives
10: Mage / Better weapon(Totem Staff)
25: Conjurer / Green Dragon Familiar
50: Sorcerer / Better weapon(Power Staff)
75: Archmage / Red Dragon Familiar
99: Legend / Permanent Growth(Arcade only)

Super Moves

Level: Kind / Name
1: Faster, Stronger attack / Turbo attack(Same for all characters)
2: Radius attack / Rock Shower
3: Unidirectional attack / Demon Skull

Secret Character

The Wizard's secret animal alter ego is the Jackal.