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News & Updates
Date & News
21/3/2002 Well im goin 2 b takin down this site soon as i think no 1 plays this game much anymore since its quite old now. So say goodbye 2 this site!
10/5/2001 I'm going to stop updating this site as I have no time for Gauntlet Legends anymore. Sorry peeps. I don't touch the game anymore and I have to study for my last year of skool so this will be the last time u'll here from me. I also won't be replying to emails either so plz don't send me them. Thanx 4 vistiting this site! cya people!
16/12/2000 Sorry for not updating in a long time. As I have my last year of school I won't have much time to use the internet, play games and Gauntlet Legends is kind of an old game now so I won't be updating this site much now. Maybe only in the holidays or if I have free time. Also please don't send me so many emails as I have hardly any time to reply now. If you do send an email though please include sumthin to do with Gauntlet Legends in the subject box. Thanx!
27/7/2000 Well I've been grounded for a month and I'm not allowed to touch my computer so I think the updates will be on hold until I can get on again. Also I've got my yearly exams coming up so I've got to study for them.
9/7/2000 Completed the Legend Weapons section. I haven't put any info on the DC version as I still have to put the PSX version in. So I'll have to do the PSX version then the DC version then Dark Legacy. Also I've only played the N64 & the arcade version so it's pretty hard to get some info on the others unless I actually buy them!!
6/7/2000 Well i found out that the Dreamcast version of Gauntlet Legends is like Gauntlet Legends: Dark Legacy. So if I'm going to be doing some info on the DC version I would also have to do Dark Legacy as well. This site was really meant to be based on the arcade version of Gauntlet and the N64 version with a bit of the PSX version. So I'm not sure if I'll continue on with the DC & Dark Legacy.
29/6/2000 Starting holidays soon so I can update then. Also I do know about the 5th Legend Weapon the Soul Savior so please dont email me about it. I just haven't had the time to add it yet. Also I'll be getting info on the PSX & DC versions soon so hold on. Also i couldn't update as I had no net access for about a week.
18/6/2000 Sorry about the recent drought of updates. I've been very busy with school & haven't had the time to update. I have holidays in about 1 week so I'll be able to update then.
14/5/2000 Completed the Legend Weapons section except the Flame Of Tarkana.
24/4/2000 Completed the Obelisk section. Walkthrough & the Legend Weapons are next. Then the pictures and links pages will be next. After them I will be adding the rest of the N64 info & might be possibly adding some Playstation info if I can find any. Then I might add a Dark Legacy section.
20/4/2000 I've updated some of the Obelisk section which covers all of the Mountain & Castle Realms and part of the Skytown Realm.
12/4/2000 I've been hearing a lot of news about Gauntlet Legends sequel Dark Legacy coming out. People have been emailing me about it. Essentially it looks like the arcade version and the console version combined with a few extra characters and some more levels. More of the same thing seems to be the formula. Well it looks like more hacking fun so try it out and tell me how it went. I might be adding Dark Legacy to this site as well if I can get enough evidence for it but it won't be here in Australia for some time I think because we are behind the US.
8/4/2000 Added another level to the walkthrough section. I will be putting 2 walkthroughs in for the mean time but I might combine them into one big walkthrough.
5/4/2000 If anyone has both the N64 and the Playstation version of Gauntlet Legends could you please email me and tell me the difference between the versions. Also I will be creating a page that tells you the differences, advantages and disadvantges of each version.
27/3/2000 I'll be deleting these update posts every month now and I'll try to at least update once a week.
22/3/2000 I've made a plan deciding what pages to work on when I have time to work on the website. My first priorities are completing the walkthrough, legendary weapons and the obelisk pages. I'll have 2 weeks to work on the website during the holdiays so I hope to finish all the pages during then. I've also decided to move that counter posting mark to every 10K.
7/3/2000 I've decided to delete all the posts before the new year since these posts are making the page very long. I got too many assignments to do, so it might be a while until another update arrives. Maybe on the weekends I can do it but I usually have stuff to do.
21/2/2000 I did the links menu so all the menus for the main pages are done now. I've transferred all the images I have to my new computer now.
12/2/2000 Sorry for not updating in a while. I have been lazy. Well I have school which doesn't give me much time to do this. I updated all the pages except links with the new menu.
6/2/2000 Passed 30K mark. I'll also be transferring all my stuff from my old computer to my new one. Also I will be adding 2 walkthroughs in soon. I'm also going to try & scan some images from the instruction manual with my new scanner. Also I will try and obtain an official Gauntlet Legends strategy guide so I can add more info & more pics.
2/2/2000 Started school so I won't have as much time to update this page as usual.
31/1/2000 Got my new computer, now I have to put all the stuff from my old computer to my new one so I can't put any images on yet.
29/1/2000 Just came back from my holiday. Sorry for not replying to some of your emails but I couldn't use the internet over there. I will be replying to emails soon. Also could you save your questions for my email addy instead of the guestbook. Guestbook is usually just to say hi and give compliments. I usually don't check it and if you have questions there i won't see them. So please give any questions to my email account. OOOHH!! I almost forgot to say that I have noticed I passed the 25K mark. YEAH!!
15/1/2000 Started adding in the Obelisks & Walkthrough sections, but they're not finished yet. I'll be going on a vacaion soon for 11 days. I'll be leaving on the 18th & coming back on the 29th. I might be able to do some work there but it is very unlikely.
12/1/2000 I split up the tips & hints section. I added the N64 section in.
10/1/2000 I added some Game Shark codes into the cheats section.
9/1/2000 Updated the directions to find the 13th runestone. Started doing my Diablo 2 guild page.
8/1/2000 I've been getting a lot of e-mails asking how you get the shard from the Chimera. It's quite easily actually. I'll put it here until I find a better place to put it. First of all you don't have to touch shards to get them. This is how you do it. First beat the Chimera. Then just wait till you get teleported. You will be at the exp screen. Just keep on hitting A until you get to Sumner's Tower. There you will see Sumner put up the shard back in it's rightful place in the mirror. Now you have the shard!!
7/1/2000 Passed the 20000 mark!!! I am currently doing the obelisk, runestone & legend weapon sections so hold on.
1/1/2000 Well the first day of the new year & I suppose I better do some new things. The Obelisks & the Legend Weapons sections are under construction so don't click on them yet.

If you are going to use any images from my site, pleasse contact me first. I will probably let you. The content from this site is not allowed to be used, though only for private uses, not for putting on webpages.