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 History & Background

 Aim & Storyline

 Starting Out







 Rune Stones


 Legend Weapons

 Treasure Rooms

 Tips & Hints





Tips & Hints


1. The Valkyrie is the most balanced character, but not necessarily the best. While she can be spectacular in the hands of an experienced player, she is generally outdone by the Archer/Tigress. The Archer is not very tough, and her hand-to-hand tools are subpar, but her rate of fire, running speed, and superior Turbo Attacks make up the difference and then some.
2. Save every time you return to the Tower.
3. Clear out all hazards before exploring for switches, goodies, etc.
4. Use a potion on poison food to turn it healthy. Also, if you know that a chest contains Death, using magic on it converts the Reaper himself into food.
5. Don't go after any of the bosses until you have their corresponding Legend Item. It's possible to beat them with raw nerve, but you're missing out if you try to do it the hard way.
6. If you forget something important on a level (an Obelisk, Runestone, or Legend Item), you'll hear Skorne's mocking laughter as you exit.
7. Your Turbo Level 3 is always preferable to its counterparts, especially if your Turbo Level 2 only works at close range, like Valkyrie's. The Archer is the exception as her Level 2 is quite potent.
8. Switch to Secret Heroes as soon as you get them because they get more benefit from level promotions than normal characters do.
9. Don't forget that you can throw magic as a grenade.
10. Shooting explosive and poison barrels is good unless you're too close--they damage anything nearby and can usually take out a generator with one blast. Shooting food is impossible, so don't worry about ruining any. Shooting magic potions causes them to detonate at less than full capacity.
11. Pay attention to the arrows on switches if you're wondering about their effect.

Enemy Specific:

1. Always target generators before all but the most immediately threatening enemies
2. When a generator is hit, the hit makes a specific sound; likewise, when a generator is finally destroyed, there is another unique sound. Get to know these sounds so you can attack off-screen generators.
3. Enemies get "darker" as you attack them, but they don't get any weaker. Always finish off a foe or he'll keep hacking at you until you notice him.
4. Bombers and Bowmen will retreat if you rush them, attacking as they go. Corner them to kill them from close range or try to snipe at them from a great distance. Move erratically to avoid their fire.
5. When you hear a Kamikaze roar, stop and inch forward carefully; they can come out of nowhere.
6. There's no dishonor in dismantling an enemy or generator from a distance, from behind cover, or from across a gorge. In fact, it's one of the most important strategies in the game.


1. Use your gold to buy character attribute upgrades rather than expendable weapons. If you have a character that is very weak in one category (Warrior's speed), load up on that attribute to balance him out.
2. If there is an item you never use, sell it to Sumner for gold to buy things you do want.
3. Once you've finished the game, you can begin a new one with a special advantage. Load your completed game and then start a new one. Your fresh character will come permanently equipped with an anti-death Halo.
4. Pay attention to your power-ups--confirm that you've turned them off when you don't need them or they'll go to waste.