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Arcade Starting Out

After you put in a credit, you have to enter a your initials(3 letters) and a 3 number password(make it easy to remember).
The point of entering your initials and a password is when you come back and play again, you enter the same initials and password and you will start off where you left off. E.G If you put in your initials as ABC and password as 123, then come back again later and enter your initials as ABC and password as 123 you will start off exactly where you left off.
You now can select a character from a choice of 4.
If you play solo you get to choose where you want to start. There are 4 choices: Mountain(Easy), Castle(Medium), Forest(Medium) and Desert(Hard).
It is best to play with a group of friends if you want to play multiplayer because it's easier to talk to them than strangers.
If you are low on health you can put in another credit and press start for a boost of 500 health. When you play with more people the enemies become harder and there are more of them.