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This is the section about the charcters in Gauntlet Legends. There are 4 different characters, the Archer, the Warrior, the Valkyrie and the Wizard. I will talk about their stats, best attributes, Super moves, Levels and more. Also I will tell you each character's secret animal alter ego.


The Warrior lives in the Mountain Realm. His weapon is an axe. He is very strong because his best attribute is Strength. His weakness is magic. The boss of his realm is the Red Dragon.

Warrior's arcade starting stats:

Attribute: Starting Stats
Strength: 500
Speed: 300
Armour: 300
Magic: 200
Total: 1300

Warrior's console starting stats:

Attribute: Starting Stats
Strength: 150
Speed: 115
Armour: 120
Magic: 90
Total: 475

Attributes increase by 5 points every level you gain in experience, you also can pay 800 gold at the shop to increase your attributes by 5 points.

Warrior's level progression:

Level: Title / Receives
10: Hero / Better weapon(Double-Bladed Axe)
25: Veteran / Green Dragonfly Familiar
50: Champion / Better weapon(Golden Axe)
75: Master / Red Dragonfly Familiar
99: Legend / Permanent Growth(Arcade only)

Super Moves

Level: Kind / Name
1: Faster, Stronger attack / Turbo attack(Same for all characters)
2: Radius attack / Fire Arc
3: Unidirectional attack / Plasma Trail

Secret Character

The warrior's secret animal alter ego is the Minotaur.